Saturday, October 29, 2011

Peekaboo Templates from Queen Wild Scraps

Today Queen Wild Scraps has a brand new set of templates for you. AND...they were suggested by Kendra on one of Queen Wild's Suggestion Sunday posts so Kendra wins a set of these templates!! Kendra send Lahni (queen.wild) an email or a PM at either SNP or STS and she'll get you a coupon code


 And here is what my team of Wild Princesses did with the templates.

 Henriett used They Say it's Your Birthday by Scrappin' Serenity

 And Midway by the Scrappy Kat:

 And Made with Love by Designs by Snowlady

 Brooke used Choo Choo by Flower Scraps:

 And Ride the Waves by AmyDane Designs:

 I used Urban Daisy by Wendy Tunison:

 I used White Christmas by This Little Missy for her second layout:  

 Lauren used Game Time by HD Creations for both of her layouts:


 Sharon (my newest Wild Princess) used Strike a Pose by Ivory Keys Digital Design:  

 She also used Autumn Romance by Aliya Designs and Albina Designs with some word art by Jessica Art Designs:

 Kimberly used Fresh Baked by Cutie Fruity:  

 And AMAZEing Pumpkin Patch by Scraps N Pieces:

 Kortni used Forever in Blue Jeans by Scraps of Ellay

 And Gobble till You Wobble by Scraps N Pieces:

Lahni used the Scraps N Pieces Autumn Bliss Collab for two layouts:


 Simply Spooktacular by B2N2 Scraps:

 And Midterm by Wendy Tunison:

 Another using Midterm by Wendy Tunison and some word art by Memories by Digital Design:  

 Don't forget - if you want this pack the best time to pick it up will be on Halloween at Scraps N Pieces 50% off sale!  You can also use my coupon code: SNPfriendSGROENKE for $1 off a $5 purchase at SNP!

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