Thursday, March 28, 2013

Totally Triangle Templates and Word Art Wonders from AmyDane Designs

I'm totally in love with templates right now after having a baby. I'm way to sleep deprived to actually think about putting together very many layouts. I've got a great pack for you today! Totally Triangle Templates from AmyDane Designs has that modern edge with the designs of the layouts incorporating triangles and chevrons! Check it out.

How about some word art to pair with your template to make your layout come together even faster! You'll love Word Art Wonders too!

I had a ton of fun putting together these layouts!
Kit: Take Note fromWendy Tunison Designs

Kit: Take Note from Wendy Tunison Designs

Kit: 35mm from Wendy Tunison Designs

Kit: Family Fun from Scraps N Pieces

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